¡Yo Tengo El Don…! – Pedro Pablo Y La Rebambaramba


I haven’t had time to review most of the 20 or so new

titles that arrived all at once in February. I had to return, though, to Yo Tengo El Don. To my mind, this is one of the two truly exceptional CD’s released by Envidia in Spain, and one of just a handful of great albums released  between 2001-2011. It sounds to me like the last charge of the 90’s and of the Charanga Habanera in its various iterations. The rough, at times out of tune vocals detract nothing, minus is turned to plus. They are part of a general dissonance which disintegrates false sentiment. Arrangements are aggressively dissonant and syncopated, several tracks deviate from their conventional course. There’s genius under the hood here. Highly recommended.
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01 Rembanero Soy 2:08
02 *Porque Yo Tengo El Don* 5:07
03 *La Mujer De Mi Vida* 5:30
04 **La Fiesta De Las Mujeres** 6:27
05 Ten Valor 3:05
06 *La Chica Dispensada* 4:44
07 La Pianola De Manola 4:02
08 Mi Cosita 3:37
09 **Historia De Mi Barrio** 5:51
10 *Ahora o Nunca* 4:21
11 *Todo Comienza Ahora* 5:35