Yo Soy La Leyenda – Elito Revé y Su Charangón


If Revé’s studio albums are often among the best on

the market, none of them quite convey their live performance. Yo Soy La Leyenda makes up for that. This concert celebrates the band’s 60th anniversary in 2016 and its founder, the late Elio Revé. It’s a twelve track monster, featuring themes from the 1980’s onwards. That’s gives quite a choice of material, which is well exercised. Obviously anyone will have their preferrences but for me there’s not a dull track. The two CDs which accompany the DVD replicate the same material in audio format.
Of several former members of the band, El Indio sits in seamlessly. Juan Carlos Alfonso, who went on to form Dan Den does likewise. Other guests from outside the group are often indirect parts of its evolution and impact. Robertón and Mayito Rivera both owe their careers to Los Van Van whose principal members graduated from Elio’s early charanga.
Keep your eye on the pianist, she occasionally cracks a smile.

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