Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie – Bamboleo


Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie – Bamboleo

 Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie is the second album from 

Bamboleo, and while some elements are recognisable, it’s quite a departure from the first. All but two songs featured are by ex-Charanga Habanera Lionel Limonta, the others being written by band leader Lázaro Valdéz. They are well recorded, giving an intimate sound, quite toppy, as tumbadoras are a bit subdued and unlike the third CD, bass is not particularly pronounced either. It does sound good though, very fresh, clean and, apart from the dreadful ballads, very original. The title and title track are much more than bluster. Really, I know of no other band like them in this era or any other for that matter.
The opening is an invitation by the band to get up and dance. With a killer piano tumbao and shouted coros, it’s street and jazzy with a lot going on. If you’re predisposed to Timba, this will surely hook you. It’s followed by the first of two recordings I know, of the title track, Haila did it again with Azucar Negra. Other highlights for me are Amor Sin Traspaso, Pelicula Vieja and Si No Hablaras Tanto. All of these sound as fresh today as twenty years ago. Twenty years? Jesus, almost! There’s nothing lazy about the arrangements here, either, at its best this is sharp, aggressive but witty, complex, absolute classic Timba.
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  •     01 Opening Estudio 10
  •     02 Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie
  •     03 Si No Hablaras Tanto
  •     04 Amor Sin Traspaso
  •     05 Tu Y Yo, Una Misma Cosa
  •     06 Película Vieja
  •     07 Cuentales
  •     08 Mirando Al Cielo
  •     09 Con Un Canto En El Pecho

01 **Opening Estudio 10**

02 **Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie**

03 **Si No Hablaras Tanto**

04 Amor Sin Traspaso

05 Tu Y Yo, Una Misma Cosa

06 **Película Vieja**

07 Cuentales

08 Mirando Al Cielo

09 *Con Un Canto En El Pecho*