Ya No Hace Falta-Bamboleo


Ya No Hace Falta is the third outing for Bamboleo and 
in my view, represents Bamboleo at their absolute height. It has a much smoother sound than their previous recordings. Almost cold, but like the previous album, it still sounds like they’re in the same room with you. I’m not sure how they’ve done it, all the orchestra’s constituent parts are so bright and clearly defined. It’s beautifully balanced.  This is weapons grade Timba almost from start to finish featuring prominent bass, dissonance, aggressive percussion, and those girls, diamonds, yes, but ever so slightly rough… in a good way, of course.
There is a thread of melancholy that runs through most of this CD. It is arranged by band leader, composer and pianist Lázaro Valdéz, someone who would stand close to Giraldo Piloto in Timba’s Hall of Greatness should such a hall ever be built. There are few clichés in his arrangements here, although, while I get it that he’s her clown, the circus song quote in La Tremenda detracts from it musically. 
El Protagonista has endured as one of my all time Timba tracks. Original and inspired, it employs a blues riff turned into a montuno. El Pillo and La Tremenda also stand out in this quality crowd.
If  Timba’s your thing, treat yourself to Ya No Hace Falta. I can’t see how you’d ever regret it. 
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