Tranquilo Y Sin Lio – Sello LA


I found this by chance in Tower Records Picadilly,

around the turn of the century. It was an extraordinary time for discovering new sounds and the bands making them. All the same, few of those discoveries knocked me out like this did. Less frenetic and restless than Sabrosura Viva’s album A Partir De Hoy, the sound is no less fresh and unique. Yuliet Abreu told me the motor behind the group was her late uncle Luis.
You’d expect a band directed by Abreus of Los Papines fame, to be strong on percussion, but this is strong all round. Bass, played by Alexander Abreu is powerful in the mix. Many tracks settle into a percussive groove over which the lead vocal weaves a melody. Harmonic resolution is sparse. The coro is maybe less aggressive than it would like to be, veering into teen pop in places, but you have to forgive it for its vibrancy and conviction. Brass is sharp and avoids cliches.
Lo Mismo Con Lo Mismo sounds like a Conga oriental at root, but the treatment is new. Los Papines, no less, guest on the cover of their song Tasca, Tasca.
More contemporary than most music produced today, this album is jammed with brilliance. Some of the funkiest Timba ever recorded. Highly recommended.
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01 **Tranquilo Y Sin Lio**

02 Seguimos Amándonos

03 **Bajo El Palo**

04 *Lo Mismo Con Lo Mismo*

05 **Analiza Y Piensa**

06 *Swing Americano*

07 *Sed De Amor*

08 **Tasca, Tasca**

09 **Te Voy A Dar Todo**

10 **No Se Como Llegar A Ti**