Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien – Bamboleo


Already a phenomenon in Cuba, Te Gusto O Te Caigo 

Bien is how Bamboleo cut their recording teeth in the musically momentous year of 1997. Lionel Limonta isn’t credited in the notes and much of the material is written by Lázaro Valdéz and Osvaldo Chacón. Chacón left shortly after for the UK where he is still working today.
The musicianship is evident but the songs here don’t always hang together that well. The arrangements often lack depth and counterpoint and are at times clumsy. For me the material tends to lose interest as songs fail to develop. It has its moments though, and for me, the best track is Circúlame. Flor Perdida, Soledad and Extraña Sensación are not without charm, but interestingly melodic intros fail to deliver on their promise. The overall picture for me is one of a very promising college band that haven’t really found their feet.
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 Original release: 1997 © Ahi Nama

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  •     02 Te Extrañaré
  •     03 Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien
  •     04 Circúlame
  •     05 Bamboleo Y Melaza
  •     06 Flor Perdida
  •     07 Extraña Sensación
  •     08 Soledad
  •     09 Bemba Colorá
  •     10 Inmadura
  •     11 Pinceladas Propuesta

01 Intro
02 Te Extrañaré
03 Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien
04 Circúlame
05 Bamboleo Y Melaza
06 Flor Perdida
07 Extraña Sensación
08 Soledad
09 Bemba Colorá
10 Inmadura
11 Pinceladas Propuesta
12 Exit