Somos Azúcar – Azúcar Negra


This album probably lacks even two consecutive

notes or chords put together in an original way. The music and its lyrics are in lockstep. If this is not fake in its entirety,  it constructs a “Cuba” of barbecues, parties and banal middle class self-absorption, a faux “street” that has nothing to do with often grueling reality for the vast majority on the island. Mindless, inane music for those who want to hide from reality, or buy into a Disney fantasy, it is the soma of a Brave New World.
Though its form is different, it reminds inescapably of the mass produced commercialised music that in the 1990’s, subsumed the authentic roots of Salsa. That was the music that drove people like myself towards the new Timba arriving from Cuba. In Timba we found authenticity, originality, as well as technical genius.
Of the great bands whose roots stretch back to the last century, Azúcar Negra are not alone in detaching themselves from where Timba came from. Clearly, they have chosen a direction that I don’t want to follow or promote and I won’t be getting any more of their albums in stock. Fortunately, there is still a lot of powerful music coming out of Cuba.
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  •     01 Somos Azucar
  •     02 Metele Con To
  •     03 A La Parrilla
  •     04 El Evento
  •     05 Ninguna Como Tu
  •     06 No Soy Lo Que Tu Piensas
  •     07 El Pupu
  •     08 La Que Me Importa Eres Tu
  •     09 Andamos A 500
  •     10 De Lunes A Lunes
  •     11 Me Gustas Tu
  •     12 Por Que Me Miras Así

01 Somos Azucar

02 Metele Con To’

03 A La Parrilla

04 El Evento

05 Ninguna Como Tu

06 No Soy Lo Que Tu Piensas

07 El Pupu

08 La Que Me Importa Eres Tu

09 Andamos A 500

10 De Lunes A Lunes

11 Me Gustas Tu

12 Por Que Me Miras Así