Sin Escala – El Noro y 1ra. Clase


Before forming Primera Clase, Norisley, “El Noro,” 
previously worked with Pupy y Los Que Son Son, also Manolito y Su Trabuco and Maykel Blanco y Su Salsa Mayor. As with the latter two, most of Sin Escala leans towards the lighter, contemporary pop end of Timba. Though not without interest, most of these self-penned tracks are kept fairly simple and energetic. It is on La Preferencia, also recorded by Pupy with Norisley on vocals, that 1ra. Clase really hit home. Pupy’s version is, I think, better arranged, but this isn’t far behind. Nicely done, the clave switches frequently and is at times ambiguous, not resting firmly on either side. It’s in any case a killer track, one of the best from the middle of the decade. La Parada is also contagious. I’m curious to see where this band goes.
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01 *Voy A Portarme Mal*
02 Y Tu (Fugitivo)
03 **La Parada**
04 La Receta (La Costurera)
05 *Asi De Facil*
06 Tú No Tienes Cambio Pa’ Mi
07 El Relajito
08 Yo Lo Sé
09 Una Bala Perdida
10 La Miki
11 Ella ( Ventanilla O Pasillo)
12 **La Preferencia**