Salsa Power – Havana Power Band


Havana Power band seems to have roots in Carlos

Alfonso’s Dan Den, but several compositions remind me of Bakuleye’s excellent album, Timbantón. Salsa Power is bass heavy and with excellent, dynamic percussion. The brass tends to be quite straight forward but it does avoid the sort of clichés that send me running for cover. I’m also a sucker for a Charanga, so when the string riffs kick in they carry me with them. Many tunes have a good hook, get into a groove and chug along nicely for around 6 minutes duration. 
On the downside, Havana Power Band is a name orientated towards the external market, and I wonder to what extent their music as well. It doesn’t feel like it comes from quite the same connection to the Cuban public that used to be the case. Some compositions are a little under written and arranged and I’m not a great fan of the lead vocal. All the same, this is one of the better albums from the 00’s in my view, and well worth a punt.
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01 Opening 1:19

02 Qué Nos Pasó 6:35

03 *La Besé* 6:24

04 *Mala Compañía* 6:43

05 *Amar A Dos* 6:15

06 *Eleguá* 6:31

07 Me Acuerdo De Ti 4:20

08 **Celosa** 5:56

09 Nada De Nada 6:08

10 **Puede Ser Noticia** 6:16