Guajiro Natural – Polo Montañez


Polo was just minding his own business writing and 

singing his songs when along came one José da Silva. Silva liked Polo’s music and recorded him. He was signed up to Lusafrica and they made him a star of rootsy Son and wrist slasher ballads in Latin America. He made a follow up album after Guajiro Natural along with so much money, in no time he was dead.  There could be a moral in there, a clause of sod’s law, or maybe its just that life’s a bitch. Well I hope he died happy and he left a legacy of some very good music for us.
Polo did have a talent for song writing, and his musicianship ain’t bad either. The style is what the cover suggests, country music with barely a hint of modernity and the urban social dysfunction treated in Timba. These songs are love songs- ballads and Sones, played in a classic acoustic Son format. Some also feature violin or flute. If some songs are too mawkish for my taste, there are more than enough to compensate. El Bolero and Canten, are good examples of Polo’s better songs. They deliver the classic warm harmonies of acoustic Cuban Tres/guitar/bass combination and melody with interest. The star of this show, however, is Un Montón de Estrellas which is still occasionally heard in Salsa clubs of all denominations here in the UK. Recommended, particularly if you want a break from the hustle and bustle of modern life.
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01 Amanece El Nuevo Año
02 Guajiro Natural
03 Quien Será
04 Donde Estará
05 Si Fuera Mia
06 Un Montón De Estrellas
07 Un Bolero
08 Mi Mejor Amiga
09 Canten
10 Si Se Enamora De Mí
11 Barca A La Deriba
12 Como Será Mañana

Reissue CD only-

13 Un Montón De Estrellas (montuno pop mix)