Pasaporte – Alexander Abreu y Havana D’Primera


From this highly popular outfit, arguably their best. 
Pasaporte is loaded with high quality Timba. Havana D’Primera (ask not ask why they spell Habana with a “v” or abbreviate De where it makes no sense) are an extremely professional band, able to turn out richly detailed, complex music when they want to. Theirs is a big, full bodied sound. Here, you will find sharp, brash brass, bass and percussion full of punch, and when not affecting emotion, Alexander Abreu does more than adequately on vocals. Issac, who also decided to redefine the spelling of his name, guests on Donde Estamos Tú y Yo.
Though not immune, what sets the best of HDP apart from so many popular bands is its deviation from tired, trite formulae. This CD is a dancers’ delight, more so if your bones will move at the speed of El Que Sabe Está Callao. They definitely saved the best for last. Recommended.
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Havana D’Primera

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