Para Que Baile Cuba – Manolito y Su Trabuco


Para Que Baile Cuba was Manolito’s much

anticipated follow up to Marcando La Distancia. There are no great tunes included herein but somehow the Trabuco must have resonated with something, somewhere. I found it disappointing. TimbaMerchant slated it then and time passing hasn’t improved my view.  “There are some tracks that stand out… from an otherwise fairly mediocre release… ropey vocals…” Yes, ropey vocals.  So out of tune and rhythm at times,  it brings tears to your eyes for all the wrong reasons. I Can See Your Voice contestants wouldn’t have a prayer telling “good” from “bad.”
Perplexingly dull, the tracks that stand out do so for being inoffensive rather than exiting or interesting. Snog, marry, or probably AVOID… unless a particular track hooks you for some reason. While the general trajectory of the Trabuco was downhill, in my view, they produced better releases than this both before and after. Two EGREM CD’s particularly, released in the mid 2000’s, show the quality the Trabuco is capable of.
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Manolito y Su Trabuco

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01 Para Que Baile Cuba

02 La Boda De Belén

03 Tu Me Ganas

04 *Ven, Ven Siroco Ven*

05 Te Dejo Libre

06 *Saliditas Contigo*

07 Guajirita Ven Conmigo

08 *Parece Mentira*

09 Muchachita

10 Yo Soy Tu Padre