Oye Como Va – Giraldo Piloto & Klimax


Oye Como Va, Klimax’s third CD, released in 2000. 

Their Tenerife based label, Eurotropical, was one of several foreign companies then getting in on the new Cuban music act. If Manolito y Su Trabuco were breaking new ground as they turned out Eurotropical’s most popular dance music, Sabrosura Viva and Klimax were, in their own ways, busy destroying our preconceptions of how Cuban music could sound. It was an exiting time. 
As with his previous albums, most material here is self-penned. Several tracks are either covers or recycled and reinvented. Of these, Tito Puente’s La Número Cien works best for me.
Juan Carlos Hechevarría and Leo Vera are first class vocalists but Carlos Calunga is the perfect delivery mechanism for the meandering, wistful melodies of introductory verses that open many themes. These owe more to bolero of a  more restrained era, than to Timba or even Salsa. It is where these verses lead us, and the bridges between the different sections that are at the same time incongruous and perfectly connected. Much herein could be taken for an hallucinogenic trip through the sound associations of a musical genius, but one who never loses his sense of fun.
Back in 2001, at the height of TimbaMerchant’s first incarnation, I nominated this as my CD of the previous year. Today it still stands as one of Giraldo Piloto’s finest works, and, for me, one of the most extraordinary albums ever recorded.
Stupendously brilliant, a Timba collection without this is left wanting.
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