Nadie Se Parece A Ti – Giraldo Piloto & Klimax


A couple of years after recording Giraldo Piloto Klimax

& Friends for the German label, Cuba Chevere, Klimax returned to a familiar European studio. For Nadie Se Parece A Tí, it was the Manzana studios in Tenerife, but the resulting album appeared on the Cuban state label, EGREM.
There’s some high class Timba on this, a pacey, modernised Cha Cha Cha and Bolero to ice the cake. Some themes are reminiscent of Oye Como Va but the band is looking, not always successfully in my view, for a way forward. When Klimax gets into its groove, there’s still nothing like them anywhere, but on some tracks the journey is too long and doesn’t always hold my attention, the transitions are not always seamless. Where everything hangs together, as on La Mujer De Mi Vida, Klimax is sublime.
Debí Llorar was given the Piloto treatment on Giraldo Piloto Klimax & Friends with Chucho Valdés guesting on keyboards. Here, Josefina Barreto guests on vocals, and not for the last time. She would subsequently sing lead on Hay Que Recordar from Todo Está Bién. No slush, ham, sentimentally or anything gratuitous, these are classy, pensive boleros.
Ex Klimax vocalist and personal favourite Carlos Calunga guests on the Salsa version of  ¿Ahora Qué Invento? but I don’t think the material is the best Piloto has given him. Es Un Peligro, however, is another track that flicks all my switches.
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  •     01 La Chica Perfecta
  •     02 La Rompeamor De La Habana
  •     03 La Mujer Piropo
  •     04 Siempre Tú
  •     05 Nadie Se Parece A Tí
  •     06 Una Mujer
  •     07 La Mujer De Mi Vida
  •     08 Debí Llorar
  •     09 Cuando Yo Lo Quiera
  •     10 Ahora Qué Invento (Salsa version)
  •     11 Es Un Peligro
  •     12 ¿Ahora Qué Invento?

01 *La Chica Perfecta* 7:24

02 **La Rompeamor De La Habana** 4:21

03 La Mujer Piropo 5:12

04 Siempre Tú 3:14

05 Nadie Se Parece A Ti 5:03

06 Una Mujer 4:44

07 **La Mujer De Mi Vida** 4:52

08 *Debí Llorar* 3:14

09 **Cuando Yo Lo Quiera** 4:55

10 *¿Ahora Qué Invento?* (Salsa version) 4:47

11 **Es Un Peligro** 5:21

12 ¿Ahora Qué Invento? 3:25