Mi Timba “Cerrá” – Pupy y Los Que Son Son


Life’s too short to spend it listening to boring music

but Mi Timba Cerrá is a CD I will happily listen to from start to finish. It’s one of the unmissable albums of this century, one that bucked the trend of the decade for under performing, uninspired commercialisation. It also comes with a nice booklet including the lyrics.
Pupy’s music these days is sounding increasingly polished, beautifully produced and subtly layered. Mi Timba Cerrá falls into “rough diamond” terrain. This is also very much a Charanga album. The rawness of the production is beautifully offset by violin riffs. Irresistible. The constant over the years is absorbing material from one of Cuba’s all time greatest composers, complex arrangements, grooves that get under your skin and top grade musicianship. Pupy churns out floor fillers for dancers who derive inspiration from music more than for those who use music as a prop for their “dance.”
With Mandy Cantero delivering the vocal, De La Timba A Pogolotti is pure groove.  Attributing Pupy’s music to the Son and Rumba roots of the impoverished neighborhoods in which he was born and grew up, it’s just one chord pattern with all the variation in the arrangements around it. If you grew up with “Stars On 45” I will understand your skepticism about a medley, but Mi Popurrit is an awesome taster of Pupy’s compositions. They stretch back to his days with Los Van Van. I don’t know about you but by the time La Fruta has segued into Ni Bombones Ni Caremelos, I’m in some kind of ecstasy.
There’s a lot more to this but my pick of the CD is Al Final, which I include among my all time favorites.
The 12th track is a low grade video of De La Timba A Pogolotti.
Highly recommended. Essential.
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  •     01 De La Timba A Pogolotti
  •     02 La Borrachera
  •     03 El Puro
  •     04 La Bala De Billy
  •     05 Si la Ves
  •     06 La Fiera
  •     07 Cuéntamelo Todo
  •     08 Al Final
  •     09 Del Trabajo A La Casa
  •     10 La Vida Es Un Carnaval
  •     11 Mi Popurrit

01 **De La Timba A Pogolotti**

02 *La Borrachera*

03 *El Puro*

04 *La Bala De Billy*

05  *Si La Ves*

06 *La Fiera*

07 *Cuéntamelo Todo*

08 **Al Final**

09 **Del Trabajo A La Casa**

10 *La Vida Es Un Carnaval*

11 **Mi Popurrit**

12 De La Timba A Pogolotti Video