Más Duro – El Niño y La Verdad


Más Duro is the second release by El Niño y La

Verdad. It includes a good number of energetic dance tracks, some of which have a bit of interest in the arrangements. While I’ll never get the attraction of La Palangana and its Jungle Book quote, the worst you can say about much of this is that it’s a bit ordinary.
The title track is very catchy, Pa Ti y Pa Mi tasty, too, while Vuelve A La Habana  has enough going on in it to make me want to dance, at least. The track that grabs me the most, though, is Salsa O Son. The prominent güiro gives it a drive while the frequent shifts between different rhythmic textures and styles of chord progressions makes it stand out from the rest. In my view, De Vuelta Al Barrio is the better album if you have to choose, but this ain’t bad at all.
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El Niño y La Verdad

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  •     01 Más Duro
  •     02 Llevame Papá
  •     03 Pa Ti y Pa Mi
  •     04 La Palangana
  •     05 Salsa o Son
  •     06 Tu Silueta
  •     07 El Perro y El Sofá
  •     08 Con Elegguá y Con Orula
  •     09 Vuelve A La Habana
  •     10 El Secreto

01 *Más Duro*

02 Llevame Papá

03 *Pa Ti y Pa Mi*

04 La Palangana

05 **Salsa o Son**

06 Tu Silueta

07 El Perro y El Sofá

08 Con Elegguá y Con Orula

09 *Vuelve A La Habana*

10 El Secreto