Malecón | La Fórmula – Issac Delgado


Malecón was released by Bis Music in 2000 and

licensed to Ahí Na’Ma’ in the US the following year. The US company renamed the album after another of its tracks, La Fórmula.
Spanning the divide between Timba and Salsa, Issac’s albums in the late ’90’s both contained some enduring, fine material. Likewise his other recordings of this century, but in my view, El Año Que Viene (1995) and  Malecón were the high points in his recording career. Here, and considerably smoother than El Año Que Viene, Jazz meets Trova, Timba and Salsa.
The result sounds anything but formulaic to me and smooth doesn’t mean lacking in bite, either. Too mournful for some, there are a good handful of great dancers included but the slower and gentler tracks are melodic, beautifully arranged and absorbing as they develop. Freed from the soft pop-rock form of its authors original version, Pino Daniele’s Quando is a case in point. The three songs of Antonio Pérez Fonseca- A Ti todo, O Éstas Loca and Afortunada Tu earned the author a Latin Grammy nomination.
With memories of Malecón arriving in boxes from Discuba, TimbaMerchant’s first order from Cuba in the early 2000’s, and tracks from it  filling the floor at La Casa Cubana, this is an all time personal favourite. Stuffed with quality, it’s highly recommended, essential stuff 19 years on.
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01 *Nadie Me Quiere Bailar*

02 *O Estás Loca*

03**Amor Sin Ética**

04 **El Solar De La California**

05 **Quando**

06 **La Fórmula**

07 *Caricias*

08 *El Pregón Del Chocolate*

09 *A Ti Todo*

10 **Malecón**

11 España Tiene

12 *Te Perdono*

13 *Afortunada Tu*

14 *Gracias A La Vida*

15 *La Vida Es Un Carnaval*