Llegó La Failde- Orquesta Miguel Failde


Llegó La Failde! the first work of Orquesta Miguel
Failde, knocks on our doors with the promise of a journey through the past, present and future of Danzón through a thought-provoking repertoire that manages to reconcile new ways of interpreting classic themes with refreshing inclusion of other genres within the customary Danzón.
Each included Danzón has been transformed into an invitation to self-discovery, to listening, to dancing and, moreover, to the inspiration to dream of a recording that would allow the journey to new friends.
We find in the recording classic themes like The Heights of Simpson, Almendra, Mambo no. 5, La Lupe and other new ones such as CubaDanzón and DanzónTimba, showing that our national dance is still on the agenda of these young musicians.


Danzón, a modification of the Habanera which officially dates back to Miguel Failde’s 1879 tune Los Altos De Simpson, is still regarded as the Cuban national music and dance. All at once, quaint, effete, quirky and elegant, Danzón is a world away from Timba, which nevertheless carries Danzón in its DNA.
Danzón was originally played by Orquestas Típicas, comprising brass and woodwind instruments but by the 1930’s the Charanga Francesa style orchestra had largely replaced them. Derived from the flute and string ensembles of Haitian refugees fleeing the revolution, these now included piano, pailas criollas (timbales) adapted from timpani, güiro and later tumbadoras (congas). This became a parallel orchestral format to the Son Conjunto and that  used for much of Cuba’s popular music, including Cha Cha Cha and Pachanga. Adapted to new circumstances and technology, it also formed the basis of Elio Revé’s Charangón, and that of Juan Formell’s Los Van Van among many other famous and influential groups.
Directed by flautist Ethiel Failde, a descendent of Miguel, elements of both the Típica and Charanga are to be found in this young and gifted orchestra.  Their repertoire, both classic and modern, is delivered in accord with another time honoured Cuban tradition, the addition of a judicious dose of North American Jazz. If the Danzones are the stars of this show, there’s also a taste of one of Danzón’s children, the Mambo, and a rendition of the classic Son, Camina Y Prende El Fogón. There’s more in the works from this orchestra, including a tribute to Benny Moré with Omara Portuondo, but don’t let the future distract you from the present. Here is a high class act.
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