Libre – Telmary


So, having ignored her for our first three years trading
online, now you get two in a row. It’s called righting a wrong. In Libre, Telmary returns with her fusion of Santería, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Timba and Rock. You’ll find it in multiple departments, then.  If your interest in Cuban music doesn’t extend beyond what you dance Salsa or Casino to, this is probably not for you. Entre Las Fieras is the closest you’ll get.
I think it’s great. Thoughtful, melancholic, deeply rooted in Afro-Cuban folklore and modern Jazz, moody and subtle- apart from another rock guitar solo that adds too much contrast for my taste. Again, Roberto Carcassés stands out on the Rhodes piano, particularly Digan Lo K Digan.
The slight disappointment is that 4 of the 12 tracks are too short to sample. Extended, several have potential but as they are, I don’t see much point in their inclusion. 
Highly recommended, but not for dancers.
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01 **El Poder De Los Ancestros**

02 *Music Is My Weapon* feat. Brebaje Man, Aldo Aldeando, La Santa

03 *Entre Las Fieras* feat. Tania Pantoja

04 La Luna Mandá

05 Libertadeamar

06 **Digan Lo K Digan** feat. Francis Del Río

07 Omolodde

08 **De Yalodde Y Shangó** feat. Dreiser Durruthy

09 *Aguacero De Besos*

10 Una Habana k Danza feat. Kumar

11 *Outro Elewako*

12 Bonus Track La Mata Sin Santera