Las Voces Del Siglo – Tito Gómez y Su Orquesta Riverside


The 16 Orquesta Riverside tracks that make up this
collection  were recorded between 1950 and 1974. Very much in a big band style, they are described as Boleros of several types, including Mambo and Cha Cha Cha fusions. There are very few, though- Clara and Alma Con Alma come to mind- that use recognisable Bolero rhythmic patterns. Most sound to me more like Mambo or Cha Cha Cha but significantly, without montuno or coro. They really are all verse, with occasional orchestral sections.
That doesn’t hold them back, though. If Voy A Ser Feliz exemplifies tearing a passion to tatters, most are sung in much better taste and many are quite punchy. Distintos Senderos, Frenesí, Ahora Seremos Felices, and Bajo Un Palmar are my picks, also the above mentioned Alma Con Alma. Vereda Tropical is also a very tasty track.
A piece of history, this, much of which could find a place in the present.
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01 *Vereda Tropical*  2:52
02 *Amor, Amor, Amor*  3:04
03 *Alma De Mujer*  2:59
04 Cuando Ya No Me Quieras  3:21
05 Hasta Mañana Vida Mia  2:55
06 ¿Y Tú Que Has Hecho?  2:56
07 *Pensamiento*  3:26
08 *Distintos Senderos*  2:34
09 Clara  3:17
10 No Es Posible Querer Tanto  2:46
11 Aprende Corazón  2:25
12 *Frenesí*  2:46
13 *Ahora Seremos Felices*  3:38
14 *Bajo Un Palmar*  2:44
15 *Alma Con Alma*  3:03
16 Voy A Ser Feliz  3:28