La Salsa Tiene Mi Son – Elito Revé y Su Charangón


This 60th anniversary homage to Elio Revé is a 

collection of reinterpreted Charangón hits from several decades. Some, like the Orishas song 1999, are post Elio. As is the fashion these days, the band is fronted by a different guest lead singer for almost every track. 
The appeal of the old Charangón was usually a simple but infectious cycled four chord groove with plenty of stuff on top to keep it sweet. Here, obviously the groove is borrowed from the old songs but while there are plenty of decent tracks, to me they do sometimes sound a bit under-arranged. The originals of many are on several digital albums here, particularly Elio Revé volume 2, follow the links on the track listing below for a comparison.
Of the others, Esa Mujer was a hit for one of the better “purveyors” of Salsa Romántica, Tony Vega. The Charangón covered it in the mid 90’s. Muevete Pa’ Aquí appeared on Changúí En La Casa De Nora, Elito’s first release after old Elio passed. I can’t place Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa but reckon its’ from the 80’s, likewise Lo Que Tu Esperabas, but this was also on the 45 anniversary album.
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  •     Mi Salsa Tiene Sandunga
  •     La Ruñidera
  •     Muevete Pa' Aquí
  •     Changüí Campanero
  •     Esa Mujer
  •     Pupu Chan Chan
  •     Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa
  •     Espero Que Pase El Tiempo
  •     A Mi Lo Mismo Me Da
  •     Lo Que Tu Esperabas
  •     Que Cuento Es Ese
  •     1999
  •     Rumberos Latinoamericanos

01 *Mi Salsa Tiene Sandunga* feat El indio (Revé)

02 La Ruñidera feat Pablo Milanés

03 Muevete Pa’ Aquí feat Gilberto Santa Rosa

04 *Changüí Campanero* feat Issac

05 Esa Mujer feat israel Rojas Fiel

06 *Pupu Chan Chan* feat El indio (Revé)/Mandy Cantero

07 *Yo No Quiero Que Seas Celosa* feat José Alberto

08 *Espero Que Pase El Tiempo* feat Haila

09 A Mi Lo Mismo Me Da feat Mónica Dueñas

10 *Lo Que Tu Esperabas* feat Sixto Llorente

11 Que Cuento Es Ese feat Mayito Rivera

12 *1999* feat Alegander Delgado

13 *Rumberos Latinoamericanos* feat Paulo Fernández Gallo y Los Muñequitos De Matanzas