La Rumba Del Siglo – Rumbatá


La Rumba Del Siglo is the second of three albums
from Rumbatá who formed in 1996 around director, Wilmer Ferran. It was entered for best folkloric disc at Cubadisco, but sadly didn’t win. Manolito Simonet produced all three of their albums.
The group’s from Camagüey, a large city somewhat closer to Santiago than to La Habana. They have set themselves the objective of revolutionising Rumba while remaining true to its traditions. If that sounds self-contradictory to anyone, it makes perfect sense to me. What ceases to evolve, decays, becomes irrelevant and, eventually, dies. The form of any given thing has to change to preserve and develop its content.
I’m no authority on Rumba but in my view, Rumbatá are achieving what they’ve set out to do. You will find several overt fusions with Rap, progressive Jazz, Flamenco and Samba. I suspect there’s a lot more novelty within the traditional renditions of Yambú, Guaguancó and Columbia. Meanwhile, there are sections of Homenaje A Ricardo Abreu Papin which could pay homage as much to Zaperoko. This experimental Portorriquen group of the 1980’s was powerfully influenced by Cuban music so it might be a question of me thinking what I heard first is the original.
The tourist brochure cliche tells us that Cuban music is a fusion of Spanish melody with African rhythm. Rumba shows clearly that the harmonic and melodic sensibility also owe much to an African heritage. This has carried into popular dance music and might explain why Cuban music has always fused so naturally with Modern Jazz. It also explains why the elimination of Jazz from Salsa and Timba, even if the percussion remains, sterilises the resulting music.
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