La Primera Noche – Issac Delgado


One of his best, in my view. As was often the case with

Issac’s CDs throughout this highly creative period, his material ranges between the MOR to the sublimely rich, layered, and absorbing, with a lot in between. La Primera Noche is typical of this. There are a few covers of traditional songs, including Pedro Flores’ Obsesión. Originally a Bolero, Issac gives it a sort of Bolero-Cha Cha Cha treatment, with added electric guitar. Celina Gonzalez’ El Punto Cubano is pleasant enough but Canción works best for me out of this group. Also typical of Issac’s accomodation to mainstream Salsa, there is La Sandunguita. Much has been written of its innovative clave crossing but it remains melodically very simple. A good tempo for salsa dancers, it does not disconcert in the way of much contemporary Timba, and crossed over.
I save the best till last. I have no idea how many times I have heard Amigo Juan over the years, but in spite of its occasionally over logical horns, I never fail to get lost in this song. Slowish mid-tempo, gentle, but very danceable the groove it establishes oozes flavour. The song culminates in the coro “con el pim pim, pam pam” which ingeniously imitates the discord of steel pans. One of his best ever in my view. Mi Romántica, Amigo- a duet with the late Cheo Feliciano- and La Primera Noche have all found their way onto my play lists over the years. Que Me Disculpen dreams death upon the husband of the woman he loves.  All have interesting, jazz infused arrangements, good hooks and delicious percussion. All dancers, though people for whom dance consists of cramming enough licks in before the police arrive might find some a tad slow. Five songs that still sound very fresh after nearly 20 years isn’t bad in my book.
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  •     01 La Sandunguita
  •     02 Obsessión
  •     03 El Punto Cubano
  •     04 Dos
  •     05 Amigo Juan
  •     06 Mi Romántica
  •     07 Amigo
  •     08 Canción
  •     09 La Primera Noche
  •     10 Así Era Ella
  •     11 Sueño De Amor
  •     12 Que Me Disculpen

01 *La Sandunguita*

02 Obsesión

03 El Punto Cubano

04 Dos feat Ana Belén

05 **Amigo Juan**

06 *Mi Romántica*

07 **Amigo** feat Cheo Feliciano

08 *Canción*

09 *La Primera Noche*

10 Así Era Ella

11 Sueño De Amor

12 **Que Me Disculpen**