La Maquinaria – Los Van Van


From 2011, La Maquinaria represents the nadir of Los

Van Van’s trajectory through five decades. The following year, Klimax emerged from their own doldrums to release Todo Está Bien, HDP put out their second and greatest album, Pasaporte, and two years after that, Los Van Van bounced back with one of their best, La Fantasía. There has to be a context and a social root to this extreme fluctuation in musical quality but I do not know what it was and cannot, then, explain. At this point I can only notice its expression.
Jumping to the first track of any significance, Eso Que Anda reinterprets their hit of the mid ’80’s. In this version, the synth vocal of the original is reined in to bearable proportions but Changuito’s percussive kick is missing, Pupy’s tumbao likewise. It’s swings and roundabouts for me then. While this updated version is highly playable and danceable, I still prefer the original. If you turn a deaf ear to its embarrassingly dated elements, the production was clean and defined, every orchestral part working in perfect harmony.
If Yo No Le Temo A La Vida and Final are of passing interest, for me the only new material that contains any real spark is Un Año Después, aka La Costurera. Penned by Van Van’s flautist, Jorge Leliebre, it has a bit of swing and interest to it. Lead vocal is delivered by Yeni Valdés.
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  •     01 La Maquinaria
  •     02 Recíbeme
  •     03 Qué Tiene Ese Guajiro Que
  •     04 Mis Santos Son Ustedes
  •     05 La Bobería
  •     06 Eso Que Anda
  •     07 Control
  •     08 Un Ano Después
  •     09 Yo No Le Temo A La Vida
  •     10 Final

01 La Maquinaria

02 Recíbeme

03 Qué Tiene Ese Guajiro Que

04 Mis Santos Son Ustedes

05 La Bobería

06 **Eso Que Anda**

07 Control

08 *Un Año Después*

09 Yo No Le Temo A La Vida

10 Final