La Formell Manía – Juan Formell y Los Van Van Anthology


La Formell Manía is a 3 CD compilation of tracks

written by Juan Formell and recorded originally by Los Van Van. Dated 2013, it seems to predate the Maestro’s passing. The selection spans the 1970’s to the 1990’s but dwells on the period during which Los Van Van were recording for Caribe Productions. Caribe was absorbed by Bis Music. With only one sealed copy, I took the track samples from elsewhere so I really don’t know how the CD audio quality compares to the original releases. In the case of tracks taken from ¡Ay Dios, Ampárame! modern remastering of these badly mixed gems might be a blessing.
There are no surprises on the track listing. Subsequent to their original releases, most of these tracks have been issued on various compilations, many have been covered by other bands in Cuba and abroad. If you want a foundation in Cuba’s preeminent dance band, and an insight into the musical styles and genres that formed Los Van Van, this will serve well. And if contemporary sounds are not your overriding requirement, it’s also an incredibly solid 3 CD’s.
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01 *Aquí Se Enciende La Candela*
02 El Baile Del Buey Cansao
03 *Dale Dos*
04 *Yuya Martínez*
05 **Si Una Mamita**
06 *Te Traigo*
07 **El Martes**
08 La Habana Joven
09 **Chirrín Chirrán**
10 **Marilú**
11 **Qué Palo Es Ese**
12 **Nosotros Los Del Caribe**

01 *Ay, Mamá, Recíbeme*
02 **Por Encima Del Nivel (Sandunguera)**
03 **La Habana No Aguanta Más**
04 *Anda, Ven Y Muévete*
05 **La Habana Sí**
06 *La Titimanía*
07 *Recaditos No*
08 *El Negro No Tiene Na’*
09 *Hay Mujeres*
10 *Hasta Las Cuentas*
11 *Ese Es Mi Problema*
12 *Ella Tiene Algo Que No Sé*

01 *Qué Tiene Van Van?*
03 *Ya Empezó La Fiesta*
04 **Un Socio**
05 **Qué Sorpresa**
06 **Soy Normal Natural**
07 *De Igual A Igual*
08 *Camina Pa’ Que Te Conozcan*
09  *De La Habana A Matanzas*
10 Qué Pasa Con Ella?
11 *Esto Te Pone La Cabeza Mala*
12 *Oh, No*