La Bruja – NG La Banda


Highly regarded in some quarters, La Bruja is one of

 the many albums churned out by NG in the early ’90’s. The title track, as well as Picadillo De Soya (Soya Mince) were definitive of the era as the “Special Period” began to bite.
If these two tracks are essential, I confess to doubts about about much of the rest. It’s not the band’s technical ability which is in question. Los Metales Del Terror give any brass section a run for their money and the percussion, even without Piloto, is rich. As so often, more so when material is mass produced, much of the rest is structurally repeated- a formula- and it tends to follow quite well worn, predictable, melodic paths. Sometimes it does work but personally, I seldom like knowing how a verse will harmonically resolve ages in advance. Dissonance and unexpected modulations are great virtues in my book. The turn to really quite conventional Jazz here often leaves it wanting.
That said, there are several tracks with a bit of edge to them and if straight ahead jazz is your thing, you’ll find more here. And for the collector, this is not one you can skip over.
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  •     01 Te Pongo Mal
  •     02 Un Sueño Terrible
  •     03 La Cucaracha
  •     04 Tremenda Carretera
  •     05 Mañana
  •     06 La Pelicula Del Sábado
  •     07 Marinero Soy
  •     08 La Bruja
  •     09 All Od Me
  •     10 Picadillo De Soya
  •     11 Ya Llegó La Hora

01 *Te Pongo Mal, Camará*
02 *UnSueño Terrible, Camará*
03 La Cucaracha, Camará
04 Tremenda Carretera, Camará
05 Mañana, Camará
06 La Pelicula Del Sábado, Camará
07 Marinero Soy, Camará
08 **La Bruja, Camará**
09 All Of Me, Camará
10 **Picadillo De Soya, Camará**