La Bandera De Mi Tierra – Los Muñequitos De Matanzas


Los Muñequitos, along with Los Papines, have been

ambassadors of Cuban Rumba for many decades. While Los Papines often seem to have adapted their music to cabaret and European sensibilities, Los Muñequitos demand acceptance on their own terms.  This collection of Guaguancó from Los Muñequitos is mostly if not entirely re-recordings of tracks dating back to their beginnings in the early 1950’s. I recognise Amalia and Babacué Yumaó, the latter was previously called, possibly misspelled, Baba Cuello Mao. Others sound familiar even if I can’t place them.
It’s traditional in structure, with few bloques and no obvious novel integration of other music forms. Babacué Yumaó,  stands out as a possible exception, it’s diana and cuerpo featuring quinto but the final section with cajón and possibly batá in places. The vocal style of Los Muñequitos is familiar too,  yet altogether this sounds fresh, more complex, sharper.
Sleeve notes emphasise the Congolese and Bantú origins of Rumba, which is refreshing. The Yorubacentricity of modern Cuban marketing can be tediously one sided.
In any case, I rate this highly and am keeping a copy for me.
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  •     01 Los Muñequitos
  •     02 Los Beodos
  •     03 Amalia
  •     04 Chinito
  •     05 Severa Y Latuá
  •     06 Palangana Esmaltada
  •     07 Cantar Maravilloso
  •     08 Yamurí
  •     09 Babacué Yumaó
  •     10 La Bandera De Mi Tierra

01 Los Muñequitos

02 Los Beodos

03 Amalia

04 Chinito

05 Severa Y Latuá

06 Palangana Esmaltada

07 Cantar Maravilloso

08 Yamurí

09 Babacué Yumaó

10 La Bandera De Mi Tierra