Exclusivo Para Cuba – Issac Delgado


Exclusivo Para Cuba is the Cuban version of a CD also

released by RMM in their  Cuban Rarities series. It is so exclusive for Cuba, although made in Mexico and in a format most Cubans couldn’t use, it doesn’t have a bar code, but here it is. Packaged as tracks that wouldn’t fit into his international releases, it’s likely many weren’t considered good enough or just didn’t fit well into the track listings. For a band of this calibre, however, and in their most creative period, their out-takes can be better than the headline tracks of lesser bands. On most of these, “Melon” Gonzáles plays piano, Alain Pérez bass,  Tomás Cruz tumbadoras, Andrés Cuayo pailas. This lineup is to Issac’s band what the 1983 national team was to Brazilian football. Also in the coro is Issac’s sister, Daría. As in the timeless CD El Año Que Viene, she takes lead vocals on one track.
The recordings have low values but that means they are uncompressed. Only Mi Barrio Es Mi Corazón has a rattle in the bass which is clearly substandard.
Standouts for me are Con La Punta Del Pie and Se Te Fue La Mano, both of which got regular play at La Casa Cubana back in the day. Daria’s Perfume No Usado is also nice, it makes me wonder why she didn’t pursue a solo career. Pa’ Que Te Salves is unpolished but that’s no criticism, Si Me comprendiaras a very likeable Bolero. This is a collectors album, and you could still shake up a dance floor with a couple of these.
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  •     01 Con La Punta Del Pie
  •     02 Por La Naturaleza
  •     03 Tú Tranquilo
  •     04 Y Llorando Me Dormí
  •     05 Se Te Fue La Mano
  •     06 Perfume No Usado
  •     07 Mi Barrio Es Mi Corazón
  •     08 Si Me Comprendieras
  •     09 Catalina
  •     10 Pa' Que Te Salves

01 **Con La Punta Del Pie**

02 Por La Naturaleza

03 *Tú Tranquilo*

04 Y Llorando Me Dormí

05 **Se Te Fue La Mano**

06 *Perfume No Usado*

07 Mi Barrio Es Mi Corazón

08 *Si Me Comprendieras*

09 Catalina

10 *Pa’ Que Te Salves*