…en Tierra – Tony Ávila


En Tierra is a collection of 15 themes. They are,
for the most part, innocuous ballads, trovas, and musings set to music. Amongst them, however, I found a couple of gems, which, for me, make the CD worthwhile.
Regalao Murió En El 80 is a phrase I first heard in the timeless Charanga Habanera track, Dime Que Te Quederas. Couldn’t say where it came from but I always understood it to mean “for free died in the 80’s” a phrase that could be a refrain of the Special Period and a new mercenary attitude that came with the collapsing economy. Here, as far as I can make out, Tony Ávila paints a picture of his early years and contrasts it with modern Cuba, mixed with a little Cuban national exceptionalism. Whatever, he’s singing about, its a nice and highly danceable Son.
The other standout is the humorous, semi tongue twister, alliterated La Choza De Chacho Y Chicho. He keeps harping on about Changüí but it sounds like Son to me, and again, a nice dancer with plenty of gear changes to reflect in your movement. Very tasty.
So, if ballads and trova is your thing, you may find more but for me this is a two track CD. They’re good tracks though, another one for the collection.
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01 Cientificamente Negro

02 Solo Para Dos

03 Amor Cromagnon

04 Títere

05 **La Choza De Chacho Y Chicho**

06 micasa.cu

07 Balsero

08 Si Pregunta Por Mí

09 Ella Fue

10 Las Nubes

11 *Regalao Murió En El 80*

12 Al Sur De Tu Garganta

13 Silbando Un Bossa Nova

14 Mundo De Los Más

15 Tiene Que haber De Tó