El Corazón Se Acelera – Héctor Daniel y La Constelación


Not a clue where Héctor Daniel y La Constelación
came from or where they  went. I first found a song from El Corazón Se Acelera by accident on YouTube.  Hearing this for yourself, you’ll understand why my ears were happy to get a copy with a bit of bass. Without an air ticket, though, to see a good rueda santiaguera you still have to watch the video.
If you like your music upbeat with a large dollop of Reggaetón, Salsatón and bachata, this entire album might be for you. It’s catchy, well-conceived, well played, and the band has their own stamp. Typical of the best 2nd division bands, La Constelación clearly know how to work a mixed crowd.
 Hector Daniel wrote much of the material himself. If No Estamos Locos steals the show for me, Cuarto Bate is refreshingly rough around the edges. Throwing a few surprises it also has a great tumbao. More polished, Porque Te Quiero makes concessions to mainstream Salsa without losing its integrity. There are echoes of Oscar D’Leon as it gets going, and the tumbao, perhaps by chance, reminds of a great José Bello tune, Dos Hermanos. This is one that builds nicely. There’s also a nice cover of Pablo Milanés’s Yolanda, although the horns sound synthy in places. The title track is relentlessly repetitive in a good way and there’s something of ’90’s Klimax in the plucked string effect on the way out too.  Nice! 
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01 Por Culpa De Cupido

02 *Cuarto Bate*

03 Pero No Diste Amor

04 La Chica De Holliwood

05 *Porque Te Quiero*

06 La Reina Del Baile

07 *El Corazón Se Acelera*

08 Contigo

09  Donde Está

10 Hasta Que Despierte El Sol

11 Acuerdate Tin

12 *Yolanda*

13 *No Estamos Locos*