El Bajo En La Timba – Feliciano Arango


Original Bass player with NG La Banda, Feliciano
Arango is one of Timba’s great innovators. Obvious to a casual listener are his percussive palm of hand slaps and slides down the frets that characterised NG’s “bombas” or breakdowns. There’s a lot more under the hood, including adapting bass to clave. This, perhaps surprisingly, had barely been attempted from Son through to Salsa, though musicologist Kevin Moore attributes earlier experiments to Juan Formell and others.
While Giraldo Piloto and Issac Delgado went their own ways early on, Arango stuck with NG through the 1990s. Since then he has recorded his family based group, Los Hermanos Arango, which has moved away from popular dance music towards Afro-jazz. They have recorded three tracks for this DVD.
Specifically for bassists and students, El Bajo En La Timba includes demonstrations, multiple variations of bass lines, “bombas” and efectos with tumbadoras, keyboard and both Son and Guaguancó clave patterns.
A documentary charts the emergence of Timba, its social context and the role Arango played in this.
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60 mins
Castillian with English subtitles
Multi-zone DVD

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