De La Habana A Nueva York – Achy Lang


De la Habana a Nueva York is orientated towards 
Casino or Salsa dancers, more precisely, to dancers who draw inspiration from a bit of jazz and interest in the arrangements. It does remind of Issac Delgado from the early ’90’s in places, also of much earlier influences. While Lo Que Traigo pushes the boundaries a bit, the overall feel is quite traditional.
Of the tunes penned by Achy himself, Pan Pa’ Mayo stands out for me. Of the others, as far as I know Angel Bonne recorded his Tu Necesitas Dos only in 2015 yet this is already the second cover I’ve heard. Denis y Su Swing recorded theirs on the CD Peligro but I have to say I prefer Achy’s version out of the three. With an irresistible coro hook, also included is Pancho Amat’s Masa Limpia, my pick of the lot.
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