Cienfuegos, La Ciudad Que Más Me Gusta A Mí – Benny Moré


Regarded by many people as the greatest voice in
Cuban music history, Benny Moré was also a prolific songwriter, though he couldn’t read music. Anyone with deep knowledge of Salsa will know most of these tracks, even if they’ve never heard of Benny Moré.  The songs and recordings of “El Benny” or “El Bárbaro Del Ritmo,”  are not just Cuban national treasures, they form a rich vein in the subsoil of Afro-Caribbean culture from which so much else has grown. This is an exceptional compilation that does justice to Benny Moré in the digital age. It’s a choice selection of Mambos, Boleros and more which hold my attention from start to finish, there’s not a single dull track.
Sound quality is good overall, allowing Benny’s voice to soar over his large, brass driven orchestra. Highly recommended. 
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01 **Cienfuegos**
02 **Qué Bueno Baila Usted**
03 *Y Hoy Como Ayer*
04 *Elige Tú, Que Canto Yo*
05 **Como Fue**
06 **Fransisco Guayabal**
07 *Dolor Y Perdón*
08 No Hay Tierra Como La Mía
09 Oh, Vida
10 *Maracaibo Oriental*
11 *Te Quederás*
12 *Como Arrullo De Palma*
13 **Camarera Del Amor**
14 Por Una Madre
15 **Santa Isabel De Las Lajas**