Canto A Dios – Chucho Valdés


The recordings of Canto A Dios are intended as
tributes to, variously, the victims of hurricane Katrina, Mississippi, Africa… It combines moments of innovation and tradition, the richest percussion and jazz, with brash vulgarity and middle of the road easy listening. Unfortunately, these elements are not always segregated, the latter at times invades tracks containing the former, spoiling them. Some tracks are marred and dislocated also by contrived, abrupt transitions. I’m left feeling that through trying too hard to open a new path, Valdés has arrived in places only at a score for a B movie car chase. Genuinely interesting and absorbing in places, Nanu and La Tormenta Y La Calma are the tracks that I think best escape contamination, though neither is particularly memorable. Parts of Tributo A África  are more on point. Where it’s bad, it’s baffling. Overall, Valdés is punching well below his weight.
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01 Claudia 5:49

02 *Nanu* 6:04

03 *La Tormenta Y La Calma* 10:13

04 Canto A Dios 8:38

05 *Tributo A África (Shaka Zulu)* 16:03