Aquí Estan Los Ases – Los Ases De La Timba


Los Ases were put together by ex-Charanga

Habanera bass, Pedro Pablo under the direction of Envidia’s producer, Luis A. Dominguez. They include a front line of Michel Maza, Mandy Cantero and darling of 00’s Timba music intellectuals, Tirso Duarte. There are undoubtedly some good tracks on this. The brass is brash, bass syncopated, percussion tough, and plenty of dissonance between tumbao and estribillos. It’s just that there’s often something missing. Much of the album suggests a Timba conveyer belt of technical excellence delivered with self regard and separation from the people who, no less than its academy trained musicians, gave Timba its spark- its impoverished domestic audience. It reminds of what, on the UK Northern Soul Scene, some referred to as “tailor mades.” These were tracks produced in the US in a style artists had learned would appeal to what a particular foreign audience was looking for in a song. The resulting music was contrived and somewhat artificial.
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01 *Aquí Están* 6:42

02 *Sé Que Vas A Cambiar* 4:15

03 Pa’ Que Te Dure 5:09

04 *Cuenta Con Los Santos* 5:44

05 *Tu Tin De Suerte* 4:50

06 *Las Aperencias Engañan* 5:12

07 *Estoy Colao* 5:58

08 *Soy Tu Pesadilla* 5:30

09 Échale.com 6:29

10 La Vecina 6:10