ADN – Alain Pérez


Of Alain Pérez’s dance CD’s, ADN falls between
Hablando Con Juana and last year’s El Cuento De La Buena Pipa, which we plan to print under licence this year. If ADN perhaps lacks the killer single each of the other two CD contain, it does have some excellent tracks to offer. The album showed that Hablando Con Juana was not a flash in the pan, confirming Alain Pérez’s place in the top tier of Cuban dance music artists.
ADN takes a while to get going for me. While the arrangements and musicianship are rich enough, I find the material lacks some spark and Ruben Blades guest vocals don’t add a lot. Relief arrives midway through, with a flurry of Timba that makes the CD well worthwhile. El Micha guests on Con Corbata y Sin Cabeza. After 4 very tasty tracks of which Shorcito is probably my top pick, the Timba takes a break to exercise Pérez’s sentimental streak. Pérez’s harder edge returns with a highly credible cover of Bemba Colorá. To finish, Omara Portuondo guests on a gentle rumba. This is nicely done.

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01 A Ella Le Gustan Mis Canciones 4:33

02 ADN 4:30

03 Amor Contradictorio 5:00

04 Antonio Rodríguez 5:01

05 De Flor En Flor 4:36

06 *Chacha* 4:43

07 *Shorcito* 4:46

08 *Con Corbata Y Sin Cabeza* 4:18

09 *Peligroso Ladrón* 4:39

10 Nos Vemos Luego 4:41

11 *Bemba Colorá* 4:55

12 *Lloraré* 4:02