A Romper El Coco


“A Romper El Coco” is an EGREM production by the

singers Alexander Abreu, Alain Pérez and Mayito Rivera, a tribute to the great conjuntos of Cuba. The album contains ten songs that pay tribute to emblematic figures of Cuban music linked to the conjunto format, one of the most valuable to the development of Cuban dance music.
Special guests include Charlie Aponte, Edwin Bonilla, Bobby Allende and the iconic Conga de Los Hoyos. The production is in hands of Geovanis Alcántara and Alden González, both multi-awarded in the Latin Grammy. The arrangements are by Alcántara himself, Roberto Linares “El Señal” and Andrecito Hernández, all linked in their previous career to the conjunto format and endebted to the legacy of the maestro Adalberto Álvarez.
“A Romper El Coco” is dedicated to Miguel Matamoros’ 125 years, Roberto Faz’s 105 years and Benny Moré and Niño Rivera’s 100 years.
© 2019 EGREM

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© 2019 EGREM 

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  •     01 A Romper El Coco
  •     02 Qué Rico Está Esto
  •     03 Popurrí De Arsenio Rodríguez
  •     04 Ave María Lola
  •     05 El Jamaiquino
  •     06 Me La Llevo
  •     07 Te Odio Y Te Quiero
  •     08 Un Pedacito
  •     09 Negro De Sociedad
  •     10 Popurrí De Son 14

01 *A Romper El Coco*

02 Qué Rico Está Esto

03 *Popurrí De Arsenio Rodríguez*

04 *Ave María Lola*

05 El Jamaiquino

06 Me La Llevo

07 Te Odio Y Te Quiero

08 Un Pedacito

09 Negro De Sociedad

10 *Popurrí De Son 14*