A Partir De Hoy – Sabrosura Viva


The extreme left wing of the Timba Revolution,
Sabrosura Viva released only this CD. It is the most turbulent, restless music I’ve heard of all that passes under the name of Timba. It would be a mess were it not for the quality of musicianship that holds it all together. With that quality of musicianship, the result is a masterpiece of originality that reflects urban Cuba of the day. Certainly not for anyone seeking comfort and a quiet life held together by familiar and comforting truisms, there’s really nothing else like A Partir De Hoy. One of the all-time greats. 
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01 **A Partir De Hoy**
02 **Buscando Una Mujer**
03 *Cuando Tu No Estás*
04 Voy
05 **¿O me Lo Das, O Me Lo Quitas?**
06 *Chica Clásica*
07 *¿Qué Puedo Hacer?*
08 *Se Que Tu*
09 **Te Aprovechas De Mi**
10 Que Solo Estoy Sin Ti
11 **Cuando Falla La Ocasión**
12 **No Disimules Más**