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Telmary has been working under my radar for some

considerable time. Part of that can be accounted for by my retiring to family life while she was releasing CD’s, partly that she is associated with Hip-Hop, a genre that doesn’t particularly interest me. She came to my attention when I started tracing the origins of Yuliet Abreu’s awesome duo with her, Rumba Pa’ Ofrendarle, released on Colibrí in 2018. This took me to this CD, released 11 years previously and the realisation that I’ve been missing out.
This isn’t rap so much as a new fusion within which Rap is a prominent ingredient. It is also Jazz and Afro-Cuban folklore, 60’s Pop, Rock, Blues, Guaracha, Timba and more. Some tracks, those that I’ve recommended below, provoke in me a more powerful emotional response than others but I can’t say any of them are entirely lacking in interest. Telmary, and the many people she works with, are a collective talent with something to say.
Rumba Pa’ Ofrendarle, an exquisite fusion of Jazz with folklore, should be the star of the show, but it has to share the spotlight with several others. The tumbao of Que Equivoca’o immediately reminds of NG La Banda’s El Trágico but it’s no carbon copy. This is relentless Timba with great bass and percussion. It continues to build pressure over its course, never really resolving. I’d play this out any day of the week and twice on Sundays. 
Que Equivoca’o is followed by a rendition of Los Van Van’s first hit. From 1969, Marilú was one of the better examples of Formell’s early fusions of Cuban Charanga with late 60’s American Pop. Sounding dated now, Telmary and Mayito give it new life with this classy update. It would survive without the guitar solo that ends the track but everything else works for me, perfectly. It’s a beautiful song, its many ingredients arranged with fitting restraint, all underpinned by the most gentle Rhodes piano tumbao, courtesy of Roberto Carcassés. Mayito was the perfect choice to collaborate with.
The sliding chromatic chords of Libre resolve at times in the same way as Norah Jones’s Don’t Know Why. The mood is similar but not always as gentle.
Highly recommended, but not for Casino dance.
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  •     01 Rezo
  •     02 Fiesta
  •     03 Ves
  •     04 Que Equivoca'o
  •     05 Marilú
  •     06 Mr God
  •     07 Ando
  •     08 Sueño Brujo
  •     09 Pa' Que Vuelva
  •     10 Rastafashion
  •     11 Wondering (SLY)
  •     12 Spiritual Sin Egoismo
  •     13 Libre
  •     14 Rumba Pa' Ofrendarle
  •     15 Sola

01 *Rezo* (Intro)

02 *Fiesta* feat. Athanai

03 Ves feat. Kumar

04 **Que Equivoca’o**

05 **Marilú** feat. Mayito Rivera

06 *Mr God* feat. William Vivanco

07 Ando

08 Sueño Brujo feat. Ojos De Brujo

09 *Pa’ Que Vuelva*

10 Rastafashion

11 *Wondering (SLY)* feat. Yusa

12 Spiritual Sin Egoismo feat. Kumar

13 *Libre*

14 **Rumba Pa’ Ofrendarle** Feat. Francis Del Río

15 Sola (Bonus track)