Newsletter #2 

Hi, and welcome to Timbamerchant Ltd newsletter. Much has happened, albeit slowly, since the last mail out in January. Timbamerchant is now a limited company and the above logo is a registered trade mark. The company status is reflected in our updated privacy policy.


Due to the new GDPR legislation if you wish to recieve further news from us, you’ll have to confirm this by replying to this email. If you don’t, we’ll have to delete your details from our mailing list but you will still be able to use your account. Related to this, our Privacy Policy has been, and continues to be updated.

Our Suppliers

In addition to Bis Music, we recently contracted with the original state record label of Cuba, La EGREM. Much of their catalogue has been licensed to Sony Spain which we aim to contract with at some point.

New Titles

Already there are a few new albums on site and many more will be listed over the next few weeks. Particularly recommended are the latest Adalberto Álvarez- De Cuba Pa’l Mundo EnteroThe New Timberos All Stars and if Rumba’s your thing, Rumbatá’s Gracias A La Rumba is spectacular. Of course, we also recommend our first CD, a compilation of the last 6 albums of Adalberto Álvarez. Made for the dancer, Casino… el baile popular is available from the site in three formats and from the European Amazon markets on CD. Llegó La Failde is also recommended for anyone into Danzón or looking to broaden their understanding of historical Cuban music.

Unfortunately, the CD titles expected to land since August are given up for lost. I’ll be re-ordering soon.

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