Revised Newsletter #10, June 2021

Hi all

News is, we had our most successful month and quarter ever after the stock arrived in February. Thanks for your custom! Just in, too, is news from EGREM. Nine new album titles are being added to our contract, to be printed in the near future. These are-

Formell y Los Van Van – Mi Songo (remakes of old Juan Formell tunes)
Okan Yoruba 2 Oru Igbodú (Toques De Santos, folkloric)
Pancho Amat – El Swing Del Son (Son)
Alain Pérez – El Cuento De La Buena Pipa (Jazzy Timba/Salsa)
El Nino + invitados – Voces De Hoy (Timba/Salsa)
Papucho/Manana Club – Pa’ Qualquiera (promising young Timba band)
Yet to be released but also included are-
Yasser Ramos y Su Tumbao Mayombe – Atando Cabos (Timba/Salsa)
Pupy y Los Que Son Son – Re-Percusión 🙂
Pancho Amat – Memorias (Son)
However, we are unable to import CD from Cuba as exports from Cuba cannot currently be insured. That last shipment went missing for a week but If it had been permanently lost, TimbaMerchant would have been over. With any luck I’ll be able to make it to La Habana later in the year when ticket prices reduce, and return with a suitcase of CD.

One improvement to the site, you should now find a number of new postal options for orders of 4+ CD. You can now see the cost of postage at checkout and this obviates the need for excess postage refunds.

Digital sales to Europe and their post-Brexit tax administration are simply not worth the trouble so we’re phasing out all digital content from the site to concentrate on CD’s.

Brexit has made exporting CD’s to Europe more expensive for our customers and more difficult for us to administrate. Currently, CD orders over €21.99 in value sent to Europe can attract VAT charges at the local rate and from July the €21.99 exemption will end. This means that that if customs checks your packet, they will charge VAT on your order at the local VAT rate. Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.


Stay safe!



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