Newsletter #6 July 2020

Hi, and welcome to another TimbaMerchant update.

It’s become clear that most of our customers, most of the time, are looking for physical CDs. We are, then, concentrating on expanding and diversifying our CD stock. The problem now is that until tourist flights to Cuba restart, Cuba is not exporting CD’s. We have a large order awaiting shipment but for now, all we can add to the store is a small number of second hand titles and these are not available in quantity.

That said, there are still a lot of very high quality older titles in stock. This might be the time to review them. New releases have no monopoly on quality.


Music stream – “Salsa Y Timba Como Son”

We are now able to legally stream music at Mixcloud. The second program is streaming Saturday 4th July 8pm GMT.

Our music streams are not only about Timba, or even just Cuban music. Neither are they about fashionable music you’ll hear everywhere else. The common thread is uncommercialised, jazz infused music with Afro-Cuban roots, but you might even find a bit of Dancehall, Soca or Reggae thrown in now and then. Follow us at Mixcloud here if you’re open to something different from the mainstream.


Coronavirus and international postal services

We pack all our CD’s in house so social distancing is not an issue. We make no more than one trip a day to post your orders. As long as we are healthy, the postal system works, we are allowed to and don’t consider the local environment to be too dangerous, we will continue serving orders.

Delivery of international orders may still take longer than usual but currently we can send CDs/DVDs to most countries. Service to some countries is still suspended. Click here for an up to date list of service suspensions.  If in doubt, message or email us. We can hold your order or issue a refund if we are unable to deliver.

Stay safe, and all the best,



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