Peligro – Denis y Su Swing

Peligro – Denis y Su Swing


Manuel Denis Martinez sang and left an indelible recording trail with Klimax before leaving

to form his own band. Denis y Su Swing began their recording career in 1999 with the excellent and raw Coqui CD, Nunca Pescao, Siempre Tiburón. Peligro is, as far as I’m aware only their third album and although their style has smoothed out considerably, it’s recognisable. This is a very solid offering, less aggressive than 20 years ago but no less energetic. Some themes are a bit under worked in places but Denis and his band know how to milk the last bit of flavour from even a tired chord progression. For me at least, the individuality of several themes took a few hearings to emerge, but in the end it did. The only track that has yet to get its hooks into me is Tu Necesitas Dos, covered by Achy Lang the following year. This is great dance music. Recommended.
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*De Cuba Pa Dominicana*

*Lo Que Pasó Pasó*

*Loco Enamorado*


*En La Misma Costura*

*Comenzar De Nuevo*

*Quise Olvidarte*

*Te Fajaste Con Tu Iré*

*Volverse A Enamorar*

*La Película*

Tu Necesitas Dos

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