La Fantasía – Los Van Van

La Fantasía – Los Van Van


Moments of genius have have been fairly frequent in the 50 years of Los Van Van, it’s part of

what has given them the status they enjoy. There are a few here, too, but what for me stands out is the consistency of the tracks. To my mind,  in this last CD that Juan Formell played an active part in, there are no “skip overs” and I don’t recall anything like that since “Te Pone La Cabeza Mala,” their classic of ’97.  Some tracks you might find better for dancing than others, but I think they’re all worth a listen. 
Perhaps on account of it’s extended intro, one that doesn’t get a lot of play in my neck of the woods, is Soy Añejo. Penned by Mandy Cantero, what a beauty! I’d say it’s well worth the wait. When it kicks, nothing else comes near it. Me Basta Con Pensar I first heard as Me Vas A Compensar (you’re going to compensate me), an infinitely superior lyric. In any case, it caught the moment with its o-o-o-ohhhh, o-o-ohhhh, coro, but, way ahead of its time and much better. Its yet another renovation from the 1990 double LP Aquí El Que Baila Gana. Could anyone influence them to remake Mis Dudas? I’ll give you a CD for free. 
Todo Se Acabó, is not  to be confused with their ’80’s hit, Será Que Se Acabó. No Me Digas Hello is another that got it’s hooks into me, but really there are too many choons to mention.
The 2018 release, La Leyenda, suggests that Los Van Van is safe in Samuel’s hands but this is essential. Highly recommended.
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  • Soy Van Van - Los Van Van
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**Soy Añejo**

Somos Diferentes

**Me Basta Con Pensar**

Soy La Mujer Que Quiero Ser

Todo Se Acabó

*Se Vende*

*Bótalo y Guárdalo*

*La Moda*

La Fantasía

*Es Mucho*

*El Aparecido*

**No Me Digas Hello**

*Voy A Decirte Cosas*

Soy Van Van

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