Company Liquidation and ordering CD’s.

August 18th 2021

Bad news, folks. The new Brexit tax laws that came into effect on July 1st have made it impossible for us to deliver the many low value packages to Europe that were the bulk of our trade. There is really no solution in sight for a micro-business like TimbaMerchant. At the same time, getting an adequate supply of CD’s and contracts to print CD’s from Cuban companies is challenging, the professional incompetence and indifference of these companies is truly staggering. With the inevitable decline in EU sales due to our increased prices, printing CD’s is also increasingly risky. 

All this being so, TimbaMerchant has reluctantly halted all sales through all platforms in preparation to liquidate the company. The site will remain open for a few months, but not for sales as I have taken all former company stock into my personal ownership in lieu of salary. If there are any titles you want to buy, drop me an email or whatsApp +44 7853 472056 and we may be able to arrange a sale. VAT on orders to the EU cannot be avoided but handling charges are less prohibitive for larger orders.

Thanks to all who used and valued the site over the last 4 and a half years. Before July trade was steadily increasing and if conditions change, we will certainly consider reopening in the future, particularly if we find a base in the EU. In any event this won’t be for quite a while.

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